A native of Tidewater Virginia, Laura Edwards trained as a painter at The University of North Carolina in Asheville, the art rich area of western North Carolina. She maintained a working artist studio at The Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria,Virginia for over 25 years. In 2020 she relocated to Irvington,Virginia and works from her home studio.

Paintings are described as, “color and surface driven reimagined landscape and seascape. All of the paintings are intuitive; having no concrete reference, but evoke a familiar image. A realistic image surfaces from the abstract painting; “a painting within the painting.” The paintings create an illusion; the painting you see and the one you imagine.

The pieces are done in oils on a variety of materials; canvas, hard surface panels, and a Ph neutral paper produced from recycled polystyrene pellets. Paintings are worked “wet on wet” producing seamless fields of color within a format. A variety of marks are
drawn into the work using Prismacolor pencil.

Commissions Considered

Contact: Ledwds30@gmail.com